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This series of pyrotechnic safety training programs and tutorials are available for staff safety training purposes as an educational teaching tool, incorporating visual tutorials with step-by-step photographs. Each digital version in this 12 (14 in total) series is loaded with hundreds of full color photographs, diagrams, data tables, illustrations, flowcharts and instructions on fireworks display safety. Download a printable version of this and other manuals in PDF format. All  PDF e-books are available on desktop computer or laptop at $35.00. Download direct to smart phones and tablets via Adobe Acrobat PDF. You may now also purchase printed copies spiral bound of this Book in the "Online Store." for only $35.00

     Pyrotechnic and Display Fireworks Training Course

Pyrotechnics Fireworks Training Manual

Fireworks Safety Book


The newly revised Display Fireworks Company Training Course is now available in digital download using Adobe Acrobat "PDF" format. Available for instant download now!


Originally, this safety training course was intended for use in a weekend long training course for display fireworks company Shooters (Pyrotechnic Lead Operators) on the practical and safety aspects of performing fireworks displays. Topics covered include: hazard management; fireworks construction; operation and characteristics;  fireworks display safety; display equipment; manual display set-up; making repairs to fireworks; manual and electrical display firing; plus transportation and storage. This guide is a great teaching tool for all display fireworks companies which are training beginners and seasoned professional pyrotechnicians. If you want safety, you need this book!

Each page of the training course contains information used in the original handbook, with descriptions, expanded material containing many new color photographs.  There are over 450 graphs, 400+ photographs, 140 drawings and 50 data tables which are intended to be complete enough for the reader to be able to understand the subject being discussed.

Each chapter in the series has been painstakingly reworked over the last two years. Each article has been retyped in Microsoft Word, new full color photographs and illustrations replaced many of the original B&W illustrations and B&W photographs. Most of the drawings are now in full color.  This eBook contains 298 color pages. File size 37.1 MB. eBook Version ONLY:


This file is eBook version ONLY and will work on iPad, iPhone, Android and other mobile devices. Please note that due to the large size of the file, download may take few minutes to finish, depending on your connection speed.


Book is now OUT OF PRINT print (for short amount of time). Pre-order at $35.00. 298 pages, full-color paperback and spiral bound. Please contact me for more details on volume discounts and visit the "Online Store" for other book purchases.

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I recently purchased the entire series of your publications and was very impressed with the Pyro Visual Safety Vol 4 and the Display Fireworks Company Training Course v.2.7. ...all in all you have a very detailed and brilliant overall publication that covers every aspect of the industry. I feel your book along with what we already teach is truly going to do every student a great deal of good in their long term goal to operate successfully and safely in the fireworks industry. I would be happy to ensure that every student enrolling purchased a copy of your books as they are the best publications that I have ever seen for the fireworks industry in 30 years.

Clive Featherby, Owner, KCs Fireworks Displays, Qld Australia


I bought the books online and have been using them. Excellent material in each of them to use in the training classes.

Dave Kelley, Regional Sales Manager, Extreme Pyrotechnics, LLC


I highly recommend these books. It will make you a aerial fireworks technician. Mr. Prokes certainly knows the business... display planning event safety and NFPA codes and regulations are all included in his book. Thank you Mr. Prokes.

Gordon D. Maybe, Police Officer/former EMT/Firefighter, Idaho

Volume 1 should be read from front to back from the hobbyist to the professional because even a pro is going to get something out of it. This is the first time I have found something that is so comprehensive. I wish I had found this years ago. I look forward to reading the other volumes especially volume 5 because I want to learn from other peoples mistakes. It's very possible that reading it could save someone from making a mistake that could cost them their life.

Anthony Paganico, Pyrotechnician

This is a veritable GOLD MINE of pyro information for everyone from the casual hobbyist, to the advanced shooter and builders. I went thru the entire 196 pages of Volume 1 and was amazed at the compilation of information Mr. Prokes has assembled in this document. It has [almost] everything you would find in the BATF "Orange Book", the PGI Display Operators Certification Course, articles and charts of data, and lots of really nice pictures.

I would highly recommend everyone download this book and browse thru it. Regardless of your skill level or degree of involvement there is something in here for everyone. Even if it is only a few topics that might be of interest to you, check it out. You won't be sorry. I see many hours of enjoyable reading to be found there.

PyroJoe, NEPA, Pennsylvania Pyro Artists

Wow. Who is Milan Prokes. Someone in the firework world I somehow missed. This was a monumental task I'm sure.... Wow a lot of good info here... Skimmed through it real fast, good info and well thought out.

NWPA, Chris 23, PyroTalk Forum


.... I'm just  going to buy them one at a time. He  really did put a lot of work and time into this. This should be read front to back from the hobbyist to the professional.


Click on the images (to the left) for larger preview of Table of Contents and several sample pages from this Fireworks Display Training Course.
Fireworks Pyrotechnic Training Course manual
Other Pyrotechnic eBooks


* due to MY new printING COMPANY source and all materials and SINCe everything else in the world is going up in price, unfortunately so ARE the printing costs. EVEN WITH THIS NEW COMPANY, PRICING COMPARED TO THE COMPETITIONS ARE STILL VERY LOW, UPON DOING RESEARCH Of other places. PRINTED BOOKs ARE $35.00 + ShippinG!



* ALL E-BOOKS ARE $35.00

** NEW ** Volume 5 "ACCIDENTS STUDIES & SAFETY HAZARDS" available at $35.00 for PDF ONLY AS IT IS OUT OF PRINT FOR THE TIME BEING DUE TO MY POOR HEALTH and will be updated to more pages soon!

DUE TO UNKNOWN TECHNICAL ISSUES WITH E-CART, USPS and PAYMENT SERVICES, SOme custoers report issues with checking out and paying for items. if you have those same issues, please email me and let me know what payment method you are using and what the issue is. you can also use paypay directly if you have account and my email to send me payments that route. Sorry for the inconvenience, but not even customer suppport can help me.
AS SOON AS I RECOVER, I AM STILL PLANNING TO DO MANY UPDATES TO VOLUMES #8, #5 #6, & $7 with possibly new book on "articles of pyrotechnics"
Pyrotechnic Fireworks Training Course Manual


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