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Purchase other PDF publications available in the 'Pyro Visual Training Series'. Currently there are twelve eBooks which include collections of hundreds of articles. Most have originally appeared in a variety of pyrotechnic publications all over the world throughout the history of pyrotechnics. Each 8 ½ x 11" page contains many tables, flowcharts, diagrams and color photographs and illustrations. Purchase a PDF copy and receive all updates for FREE for that volume!!!


All of the publications below are available for instant download in digital ‘eBook’ format using Adobe Acrobat ‘PDF’ Reader. You can also special order printed books in softbound cover with spiral binding at $35.00 each. Volume discounts are also available. After ordering securely through PayPal, you will be able to instantly download to your PC, laptop, iPhone, iBook or other digital media. Please note that due to the size of the files and depending on your connection speed it may take few minutes to download each file.


A great resource for:

  • lead pyrotechnic operators

  • display company managers

  • event planners

  • pyro crew members

  • regulatory personnel

  • hobbyists

  • junior display operators

  • fire investigators

  • law enforcement personnel 

  • fire marshals and fire inspectors


Digital downloads provide instant access and great references when pyros need to refer and review fast information during display setups. Don't forget to reload your page for recent updates. Prices listed below are for digital copies.

Pyrotechnics Fireworks Training Course Manual
Introduction to Fireworks Vol. 1


In the first volume of the "Pyro Visual Safety Training Series" (total of thirteen), the first of this volume introduces the reader to the world of pyrotechnics. Chapters explore the types of pyrotechnics used; classification of explosive materials; monitoring ATF compliance and ensuring safety. Other articles provide the reader with information on fireworks laws and regulations. Next chapter is devoted to display permits and ignition devices. The final chapter covers basics of chemistry of fireworks; manufacture process including aerial shell construction and much more. Pages: 196. Size: 18.1 MB. Download eBook price:


Pyrotechnics Fireworks Training Course Manual
Display Fireworks Event Planning Vol. 2


Are you an event planner or event show manager? In the second volume this book is entirely dedicated to display fireworks event planning. Great reading for seasoned professionals or beginners who would like to include display fireworks in their event. This book explains safety issues, planning and how to safely prepare for  each event. Essentially is a guide for all event planners dealing with fireworks displays giving the reader examples what to look for and how to prepare for events including fireworks.  Chapters include elements of hazard and risk management; risk assessment outlines; systems to ensure safety; security risks and security plans; fireworks safety practices; understanding product liability; planning your fireworks events; budget averages; planning very large-scale events; insurance details; getting the best value for your money; selecting display companies; successful bidding on contracts; planning stages; safety checklists; site selection and preparation and much more. Pages: 130. Size: 19.0 MB. eBook only version. Download price:


Rigging & Electrical Firing Vol. 3


This must-have guide to rigging and staging outdoor firework displays looks deep behind the scenes of pyrotechnic shows and dissects what it is that creates successful and safe fireworks events.


Starts with safe firing of devices including firing instructions for display fireworks and firing styles for electrically fired shows. Demonstrates how to adapt items for electrical firing while giving common reasons for ignition failure. Details include location of devices, loading instructions, stabilization, preparation, lighting instructions, and safety notes.


Next section features definitions of racks, mortars and other pyrotechnic hardware and equipment. Demonstrates rigging techniques for concerts, stadiums, lakes and beaches, outdoor theater events, and sporting events.


Explains and shows tools of the trade which include some of the latest equipment and helpful tools for pyrotechnicians to make their displays better as far as show design and setup time efficiency. Equipment shown is for shooting aerial shells, such as various fan racks for shells, roman candles and mine racks. Also examples of digital firing and wireless ignition systems, equipment check lists, shooter’s personal checklist, plus hints and tips for making your display go smoother.


Discharge of fireworks section deals with standards for mortar and rack setup, drums setup, basics of mortar troughs (mortar box) setup, organizing and placement of mortar racks, mortar placement, placement of flight barrages and grand finale racks, NFPA requirements for electrically fired displays including mortar separations in troughs and drums, firing operations for electrically fired displays, and finally setup of electrical displays of musically choreographed aerial fireworks displays. Includes shooting from dense-pack mortar trailers, firing control equipment and much more.


This easy-to-read book is packed with hundreds of full-color photographs with step-by-step illustrations, diagrams, flow charts, tables, checklists and real-life examples. Pages: 240, Size: 32.9 MB, eBook download version price: 


Fireworks Pyrotechnics Training Course Manual
Event Planning and Safety Vol. 4


The latest edition of this handbook has been made readily accessible to pyrotechnicians, from novice and mid-career event planners, to event managers, show producers, from fire safety authorities, to display company managers and lead pyrotechnic operators. This must-have guide to special event planning and production presents a general overview and operation of event planning for events featuring firework displays.


The material in the book looks deep behind the scenes of a fireworks event and dissects what it is that creates successful and safe show. Contents of this work analyze the process - the planning and business aspects - providing a unique guide to producing events. Book explains thoroughly budgeting and resource concerns, planning and cost projections with the role of the well-crafted proposal. This book also steps through the entire process from the creativity to the contract and risk management, with event cleanup concluding the book. This work includes articles on strategy concerning prevention of accidents, lawsuits and regulations. Next are collection of writings focusing on recognition of hazards with steps to ensure safety and security.


To help event planners, chapters also contain concerns regarding organization of displays, planning budgets, securing event permits and steps in the selection of display sites. Further, calculations of minimum clearance distances are given attention and noise issues are also discussed. Spectator exclusion zones, bidding on displays and samples of RFPs are covered in further chapters.  Fire prevention equipment and appropriate record keeping is included in following sections. Planning the fireworks display covers the jobs of event planners such as the promotion of the event and responsibilities of the sponsor and display company. Material would not be complete without touching on the subject of planning for bad weather such as selecting rain dates.


It is important to note that the contents also explores, in further detail, the pre-show meetings, contacting necessary people, selecting appropriate locations, parking concerns and liability insurance.


This easy-to-read special event planning book is packed with full-color photographs, diagrams, flow charts, checklists, questions, and real-life examples. Number of pages: 234. Size: 18.9 MB. Download eBook Version:


Accident Studies and Safety Hazards Vol. 5


Upcoming book where pyrotechnic safety and accidents are discussed in detail. Chapters include discussions about safety barriers and safety zones, training of crew, jobs of pyrotechnicians, helpers and assistants. Common pyrotechnic malfunctions, failures, misfire procedures and malfunctions. Techniques for dealing with misfires, recognizing duds, proper disposal of duds, typical causes of accidents, specific safety conditions, managing public health and safety, recommended display site distances, safety guidelines in the U.S. vs. UK., safe and successful fireworks displays, setting up a fireworks display, environmental effects of display fireworks, eco-friendly pyrotechnics, Disney’s new technology in fireworks, issues with importing fireworks directly, study of accidents at fireworks displays, changes enacted to enhance fireworks safety, case studies, electric matches hazards, display liability insurance, how to manage contractor liability, study of shell failures and mortar rack, dangers of cheap wooden racks, emergency response information, explosive safety alerts, transportation of explosives. Size: 13.0 MB. Pages: 357 NOW AVAILABLE!


Fireworks Pyrotechnics Training Course Manual Books
Fusing & Wiring Methods Vol. 6


When working with firework displays, basics of electrical firing and electricity should be understood. This volume gives readers the ability to understand fundamental basics of electricity; various types of electric igniters; methods of wiring pyrotechnics; safety, handling and reliability of electric igniters; misfire handling; static electricity.


The wiring operations chapter includes connectors for igniters and fuses; wire splicing methods; uses of electric igniters; techniques of attachment of electric firing; multiple examples of firing systems including manual, digital and wireless systems; benefits and disadvantages of electric firing; firing battery details; plus the basics behind computerized firing. In the fusing operations chapters you will learn about various fusing and connecting methods for ignition fuses and electric igniters including step-by-step photographs; burn rates; black match splicing techniques; repairing fireworks; finale and chain fusing methods; also time fuse delay devices and their use; setting up the fireworks and attachments to devices.


This is one of the most important books of the entire 'Pyro Visual Training Series' and recommended for all pyros, regardless if you are a seasoned professional, amateur or just novice getting ready to start shooting your shows. Full color photos, diagrams, tables, charts, and illustrations. Pages: 254. Size: 24.2 MB. Download eBook price:



Fireworks Pyrotechnics Training Course Manuals
Firework Choreography and Display Design Vol. 7



In this book you will find everything about designing a successful choreographed display. Book goes into great detail about musical fireworks; selecting feasible music tracks; display design and artistry. Colors and color pallets are also discussed; choosing appropriate fireworks; noise related issues; using computers to create modern displays; describing shell effects. Detail is given to timecodes; show ideas; fireworks competitions; using sequencers in displays; examples of themed displays; and basic fundamentals of display design and techniques. Fireworks design software is also discussed in detail to give reader the best idea to help in selection process. Inventory management software is included and ideas for synchronizing fireworks to music. Best of all, this book includes very extensive illustrated Choreographers Dictionary demonstrating various shells and effects giving show designers visual catalog and explanation of effects. Pages: 232. Size: 21.9 MB. Download eBook Price:


Pyrotechnics Fireworks Training Course Manuals
Consumer Firework Displays Vol. 8



Everything you need to know about shooting consumer firework displays safely. A guide to getting the most out of 1.4G fireworks. and shooting great looking displays. Aimed at novice and amateur shooters. Readers will quickly gain knowledge because of the depth of detail on the subject. This book presents a general overview and operation of displays and covers safety and storage of fireworks. Emphasis on training and obtaining ATF license.


Chapters include: consumer type devices and definitions to safety and proper use of consumer fireworks; laws, regulations and politics; obtaining permits and operator qualifications; illegal devices; buying legally professional fireworks; fireworks classifications and labeling; standards and testing of devices; storage of consumer fireworks; ATF explosives storage requirements; safe and sane fireworks; types of effects and pyrotechnic devices; techniques and tips; time fuses; setting up cakes and candles; firing and ignition equipment; fusing techniques; chain fusing; using Pyrolink connecting line; safety tips for setting up displays; firing the display; identifying legal and illegal fireworks; igniting your fireworks electrically and much more. Pages: 267. eBook version. Suggested price: $39.00

Fireworks Pyrotechnics Training Course Manuals
Pyrotechnics Training Fireworks Training Course Manuals
Close Proximity, Indoor Pyro & Special Effects Vol. 9


This title introduces newcomers and seasoned professional pyrotechnicians to the world of special effects. It describes all types of special effects including pyrotechnic, smoke and lighting effects, noise machines, fog machines, etc. It places emphasis on the safe storage, handling and use of pyrotechnics. It contains extensive special effects glossary and illustrated dictionary that is a great reference guide.


A guide to shooting close proximity includes collection of articles on: indoor pyrotechnics; air shows; film special effects and special effect fireworks. First section deals with pyrotechnics before proximate audience; pyrotechnic definitions; live special effects; confetti, and flame projectors; proximate descriptions; flame effects before an audience; pyrotechnic devices specifications; guidance for theatrical and proximate audience displays; new dimensions in close proximity pyrotechnics; proximate checklists; standard risk assessment for pyrotechnics; temporary storage of fireworks; special or visual effects involving explosives or pyrotechnics used in film and television productions; stage and theatrical special effects; discharge hazards and product warnings; warning on flash powder and indoor pyrotechnics. Available in eBook version only. Pages: 233 Suggested Download Price:



Flame & Cryogenic Fog Special Effects Vol. 10


Volume 10 of the series 'Pyro Visual Safety Training' explains the world of special effects focusing on flame and cryogenic CO2 fog. It describes types of special effects including fog machines, smoke machines, CO2, special woods and glass used to create effects. It places emphasis on the safety handling and use of flame and fire special effects utilizing propane and natural gas. This book covers NFPA regulations, designs and functions of flame and fire special effects. It contains extensive special effects glossary and illustrated dictionary that is a great reference guide.


A guide to shooting flame and cryogenic fog SPFX includes collection of articles on uses of flame and fire using torches, H-burners, fire bars, propane cannons, concussion cannons, propane poppers and more. First section deals with pyrotechnics before proximate audience; pyrotechnic definitions; confetti, and flame projectors; proximate descriptions; flame effects before an audience; pyrotechnic devices specifications; sample flame effect plan; fire and flame effects design and functions; flame special effects FAQ; flame effect risk assessment schedule; NFPA indoor code; smoke and fog effects safety and much more. eBook version. Pages: 393 Suggested eBook Download Price:



Hollywood Special Effects Vol. 11


Whether you're a working professional, a performance student, or just interested in the techniques and safety behind the effects, Hollywood Special Effects provides the insights that you've been looking for. You will discover the basics as well and hard-to-find information on many different kinds of effects, including pyrotechnics, weapons, non-pyrotechnic projecticles, fireworks, rain and water effects, snow, fire effects and much more. Chapters include information on propape poppers, bullet hits, body hits, sand cannons, air mortars and debris mortars, NFPA, shooting dust balls and spark hits and especially safety concerns. Pages: Unknown+. Size: 0 MB. eBook Version. Available soon. Suggested price: NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME - TBA

Fire Inspector's Fireworks Guidelines Vol. 14


The final volume of this series is entirely dedicated to Law Enforcement Personnel, Fire Marshal's, Fire Chiefs and Fire Inspectors. The pages cover all aspects of fireworks inspection process including indoor, outdoor and consumer fireworks displays and setups. Chapters include risk assessment and hazards; safety check lists; preparing for retail fireworks tents and stands; outdoor display operations; indoor display procedures and safety. Also includes post-display operations for outdoor firework displays; cautions and other safety issues. Contains NFPA codes, rules and regulations. Great resources and source of information for fire department personnel and pyrotechnicians, or those who shoot display fireworks. Must have for all inspectors who conduct fireworks inspections. Pages: 266. Size: 19.0 MB. eBook Version. Suggested price: 



Please note that these prices are for digital download e-book format ONLY and not printed versions! Printed versions are at $35.00 each. To purchase printed versions of this book, please visit "ONLINE STORE" by clicking on the upper right button.


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Pyrotechnic Fireworks Training Course Manual


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