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Consumer Firework Displays Safety Vol. 8



Everything you need to know about shooting consumer firework displays safely. A guide to getting the most out of 1.4G fireworks. and shooting great looking displays. Aimed at novice and amateur shooters. Readers will quickly gain knowledge because of the depth of detail on the subject. This book presents a general overview and operation of displays and covers safety and storage of fireworks. Emphasis on training and obtaining ATF license.


Chapters include: consumer type devices and definitions to safety and proper use of consumer fireworks; laws, regulations and politics; obtaining permits and operator qualifications; illegal devices; buying legally professional fireworks; fireworks classifications and labeling; standards and testing of devices; storage of consumer fireworks; ATF explosives storage requirements; safe and sane fireworks; types of effects and pyrotechnic devices; techniques and tips; time fuses; setting up cakes and candles; firing and ignition equipment; fusing techniques; chain fusing; using Pyrolink connecting line; safety tips for setting up displays; firing the display; identifying legal and illegal fireworks; igniting your fireworks electrically and much more. Pages: 263. eBook version.

Pyrotechnic Fireworks Training Course Manual


IPM Universal

Publishing, LLC

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