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Table Hopping For a Living

Here is a book dedicated to the close-up art of Bar and Restaurant magic. It's not another book full of tricks, but a collection of useful articles, tips and hints about how to book yourself, performing tips, table side etiquettes, resetting tricks, proper dressing attire, job security, when you get booked and you're at the restaurant, staying employed, boredom, energy and keeping it, locating the restaurants, about tips, close-up pads, tables, table tents, promotional material, balloon animals, the bottom line, and tons more valuable information from many established authors in the business.  And yes, even few tricks, effects and routines to engage the audience are included.

Available both in print and Adobe Acrobat PDF digital download file. Over 250 pages with colorful photographs.

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The Business of Restaurant Magic

For over 35 years Al has traveled the country with his magic, performing for corporate clients doing their trade shows, conventions, business meetings, hospitality suites and holiday parties. This includes companies like Apple, General Motors, Coca Cola, AT&T, and McDonald’s. You may also remember him from “Ask The Only,” which was his column in the Magic Menu where he fielded questions about the business side of magic.If you're a restaurant performer, you should have everything on the subject in your library and this book is no exception.

Edited by Todd Karr and Rick Michaels (2016). A book of tricks, tips and information concerning performing tableside magic in restaurants by Amusionist Al The Only. Soft cover with clear plastic protective pages and color illustration, spiral binding, 58 pages. Book is brand NEW. Shipping charges are calculated for a standard parcel under 1 kg/1 lbs.. Additional charges will apply for heavier shipments, but not until the customer agrees. Please contact us with any questions you might have. Size: over 9¾" - 12" tall

$29.95 or $19.95 (PDF Version)

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