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Accident Studies & Safety Hazards Vol. 5 Hard Copy

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Here is a brand new book where pyrotechnic safety and accidents are discussed in detail. Chapters include discussions about safety barriers and safety zones, training of crew, jobs of pyrotechnicians, helpers and assistants. Common pyrotechnic malfunctions, failures, misfire procedures and malfunctions. Techniques for dealing with misfires, recognizing duds, proper disposal of duds, typical causes of accidents, specific safety conditions, managing public health and safety, recommended display site distances, safety guidelines in the U.S. vs. UK., safe and successful fireworks displays, setting up a fireworks display, environmental effects of display fireworks, eco-friendly pyrotechnics, Disney’s new technology in fireworks, issues with importing fireworks directly, study of accidents at fireworks displays, changes enacted to enhance fireworks safety, case studies, electric matches hazards, display liability insurance, how to manage contractor liability, study of shell failures and mortar rack, dangers of cheap wooden racks, emergency response information, explosive safety alerts, transportation of explosives. Large volume with 356 pages.

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Pyrotechnic Fireworks Training Course Manual


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