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Close Proximity, Indoor Pyro & SPFX Vol. 9 eBook

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This title introduces newcomers and seasoned professional pyrotechnicians to the world of special effects. It describes all types of special effects including pyrotechnic, smoke and lighting effects, noise machines, fog machines, etc. It places emphasis on the safe storage, handling and use of pyrotechnics. It contains extensive special effects glossary and illustrated dictionary that is a great reference guide.

A guide to shooting close proximity includes collection of articles on: indoor pyrotechnics; air shows; film special effects and special effect fireworks. First section deals with pyrotechnics before proximate audience; pyrotechnic definitions; live special effects; confetti, and flame projectors; proximate descriptions; flame effects before an audience; pyrotechnic devices specifications; guidance for theatrical and proximate audience displays; new dimensions in close proximity pyrotechnics; proximate checklists; standard risk assessment for pyrotechnics; temporary storage of fireworks; special or visual effects involving explosives or pyrotechnics used in film and television productions; stage and theatrical special effects; discharge hazards and product warnings; warning on flash powder and indoor pyrotechnics. Available in eBook version only. Pages: 233

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