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Display Fireworks Company Training Course v.2.9 Hard Copy

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The newly revised Display Fireworks Company Training Course is now available in digital download using Adobe Acrobat "PDF" format. Available for instant download now!

Originally, this safety training course was intended for use in a weekend long training course for display fireworks company Shooters (Pyrotechnic Lead Operators) on the practical and safety aspects of performing fireworks displays. Topics covered include: hazard management; fireworks construction; operation and characteristics; fireworks display safety; display equipment; manual display set-up; making repairs to fireworks; manual and electrical display firing; plus transportation and storage. This guide is a great teaching tool for all display fireworks companies which are training beginners and seasoned professional pyrotechnicians. If you want safety, you need this book!

Each page of the training course contains information used in the original handbook, with descriptions, expanded material containing many new color photographs. There are over 450 graphs, 400+ photographs, 140 drawings and 50 data tables which are intended to be complete enough for the reader to be able to understand the subject being discussed.

Each chapter in the series has been painstakingly reworked over the last two years. Each article has been retyped in Microsoft Word, new full color photographs and illustrations replaced many of the original B&W illustrations and B&W photographs. Most of the drawings are now in full color. This guide contains 298 color pages.

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