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Display Fireworks Event Planning Vol. 2 Hard Copy

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Are you an event planner or event show manager? In the second volume this book is entirely dedicated to display fireworks event planning. Great reading for seasoned professionals or beginners who would like to include display fireworks in their event. This book explains safety issues, planning and how to safely prepare for each event. Essentially is a guide for all event planners dealing with fireworks displays giving the reader examples what to look for and how to prepare for events including fireworks. Chapters include elements of hazard and risk management; risk assessment outlines; systems to ensure safety; security risks and security plans; fireworks safety practices; understanding product liability; planning your fireworks events; budget averages; planning very large-scale events; insurance details; getting the best value for your money; selecting display companies; successful bidding on contracts; planning stages; safety checklists; site selection and preparation and much more. Pages: 130.

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