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Event Planning and Safety Guidelines Vol. 4 eBook

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The latest edition of this handbook has been made readily accessible to pyrotechnicians, from novice and mid-career event planners, to event managers, show producers, from fire safety authorities, to display company managers and lead pyrotechnic operators. This must-have guide to special event planning and production presents a general overview and operation of event planning for events featuring firework displays.

The material in the book looks deep behind the scenes of a fireworks event and dissects what it is that creates successful and safe show. Contents of this work analyze the process - the planning and business aspects - providing a unique guide to producing events. Book explains thoroughly budgeting and resource concerns, planning and cost projections with the role of the well-crafted proposal. This book also steps through the entire process from the creativity to the contract and risk management, with event cleanup concluding the book. This work includes articles on strategy concerning prevention of accidents, lawsuits and regulations. Next are collection of writings focusing on recognition of hazards with steps to ensure safety and security.

To help event planners, chapters also contain concerns regarding organization of displays, planning budgets, securing event permits and steps in the selection of display sites. Further, calculations of minimum clearance distances are given attention and noise issues are also discussed. Spectator exclusion zones, bidding on displays and samples of RFPs are covered in further chapters. Fire prevention equipment and appropriate record keeping is included in following sections. Planning the fireworks display covers the jobs of event planners such as the promotion of the event and responsibilites of the sponsor and display company. Material would not be complete without touching on the subject of planning for bad weather such as selecting rain dates.

It is important to note that the contents also explores, in further detail, the pre-show meetings, contacting necessary people, selecting appropriate locations, parking concerns and liability insurance.

This easy-to-read special event planning book is packed with full-color photographs, diagrams, flow charts, checklists, questions, and real-life examples. Number of pages: 234.

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