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Flame & Cryogenic Fog Special Effects Vol. 10

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Volume 10 of the series 'Pyro Visual Safety Training' explains the world of special effects focusing on flame and cryogenic CO2 fog. It describes types of special effects including fog machines, smoke machines, CO2, special woods and glass used to create effects. It places emphasis on the safety handling and use of flame and fire special effects utilizing propane and natural gas. This book covers NFPA regulations, designs and functions of flame and fire special effects. It contains extensive special effects glossary and illustrated dictionary that is a great reference guide.

A guide to shooting flame and cryogenic fog SPFX includes collection of articles on uses of flame and fire using torches, H-burners, fire bars, propane cannons, concussion cannons, propane poppers and more. First section deals with pyrotechnics before proximate audience; pyrotechnic definitions; confetti, and flame projectors; proximate descriptions; flame effects before an audience; pyrotechnic devices specifications; sample flame effect plan; fire and flame effects design and functions; flame special effects FAQ; flame effect risk assessment schedule; NFPA indoor code; smoke and fog effects safety and much more. eBook version. Pages: 393.

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