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Fusing & Wiring Methods Vol. 6 eBook

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When working with firework displays, basics of electrical firing and electricity should be understood. This volume gives readers the ability to understand fundamental basics of electricity; various types of electric igniters; methods of wiring pyrotechnics; safety, handling and reliability of electric igniters; misfire handling; static electricity.

The wiring operations chapter includes connectors for igniters and fuses; wire splicing methods; uses of electric igniters; techniques of attachment of electric firing; multiple examples of firing systems including manual, digital and wireless systems; benefits and disadvantages of electric firing; firing battery details; plus the basics behind computerized firing. In the fusing operations chapters you will learn about various fusing and connecting methods for ignition fuses and electric igniters including step-by-step photographs; burn rates; black match splicing techniques; repairing fireworks; finale and chain fusing methods; also time fuse delay devices and their use; setting up the fireworks and attachments to devices.

This is one of the most important books of the entire 'Pyro Visual Training Series' and recommended for all pyros, regardless if you are a seasoned professional, amateur or just novice getting ready to start shooting your shows. Full color photos, diagrams, tables, charts, and illustrations.

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