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Rigging & Electrical Wiring Operations Vol. 3 eBook

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This must-have guide to rigging and staging outdoor firework displays looks deep behind the scenes of pyrotechnic shows and dissects what it is that creates successful and safe fireworks events.

Starts with safe firing of devices including firing instructions for display fireworks and firing styles for electrically fired shows. Demonstrates how to adapt items for electrical firing while giving common reasons for ignition failure. Details include location of devices, loading instructions, stabilization, preparation, lighting instructions, and safety notes.

Next section features definitions of racks, mortars and other pyrotechnic hardware and equipment. Demonstrates rigging techniques for concerts, stadiums, lakes and beaches, outdoor theater events, and sporting events.

Explains and shows tools of the trade which include some of the latest equipment and helpful tools for pyrotechnicians to make their displays better as far as show design and setup time efficiency. Equipment shown is for shooting aerial shells, such as various fan racks for shells, roman candles and mine racks. Also examples of digital firing and wireless ignition systems, equipment check lists, shooter’s personal checklist, plus hints and tips for making your display go smoother.

Discharge of fireworks section deals with standards for mortar and rack setup, drums setup, basics of mortar troughs (mortar box) setup, organizing and placement of mortar racks, mortar placement, placement of flight barrages and grand finale racks, NFPA requirements for electrically fired displays including mortar separations in troughs and drums, firing operations for electrically fired displays, and finally setup of electrical displays of musically choreographed aerial fireworks displays. Includes shooting from dense-pack mortar trailers, firing control equipment and much more.

This easy-to-read book is packed with hundreds of full-color photographs with step-by-step illustrations, diagrams, flow charts, tables, checklists and real-life examples

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Pyrotechnic Fireworks Training Course Manual


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